Why Poor Customer Service Will Wreck Your Home Business

There are many important aspects to running a truly successful home business online or from any other business location for that matter. One of the most important, but mostly overlooked is your customer service. Excellent customer service practices are a very essential ingredient to your business plan if your online business to survive and prosper. Poor customer service will wreck your home business.

Some reasons why you should have great customer service

One important thing that you should always keep in mind is that if it were not for your customers your business would not be possible. Customers wanting your products, service, or business is the life that your home online business needs to continue to grow an prosper.

If your business is one that you will operate online then you will have to take into consideration that you will have very little if any physical contact with your customer. This makes it much more imperative that you incorporate added ways to help your customers with a very high quality of customer service. Telus webmail down

You should also be aware that great customer service is a potent motivator for your customers to pledge their return business as well as never ending loyalty. It isn’t hard to understand that a person will tend to go back to where they received great service or where they feel the were treated very well.

Providing excellent customer service is a good practice not only from a business point of view, it is also just good ethics, the right thing to do, “do un to others as you would have them do un to you” is a good way to gauge whether or not your customer service is measuring up to the high standards needed to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Seven negative practices that will wreck your home online business

Detachment, lack of concern for your customer

It will pay for you to show that you are concerned about your customers needs, likes and dislikes. Everyone likes a little bit of concern and a show of interest. Never act like you are not interested in even the customers personal details like their profession and family status if possible. Also never “jump the gun” so to speak and try to solve their personal problems this is something that you know little about and is not your place and could lead to problems.


You should never make your customer feel as they are not welcome, make it uncomfortable for them to approach you, or contact you for any reason. Providing a hospitable essence to your online business customer service department by having understanding a courteous people to handle support request or support tickets is a good way to make your customer feel comfortable when they need to contact your business. Remember that different customers have different ideas of what it takes to be comfortable, so it up to you to make every effort to use the information that you have about your customer to meet that individual customers needs

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