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Gone are the days when all of the dolls in the store looked like they had European ancestry, they had very light skin and blond hair. Today dolls come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. With world-wide communication, the internet, and people moving from one country to another multiculturalism during play time can be a prelude to adult live. Thus it is extremely important for children of all ages to be exposed to dolls from around the world instead of being limited to dolls that “look like them.” Multicultural dolls make fantastic displays and decorations and even add to your home’s ambiance. anime sex doll

Exposing a child to one culture could make it difficult for them to adapt to a multicultural society when they enter college and the work world. Doll artists, designers, and manufactures like Madame Alexander, American Girl, Barbie, Bratz, and many others develop collectible dolls in many different cultures. Children collecting multicultural dolls will help them to learn that the differences between people makes us better in that we are all special in our own way. Playing with and having a multicultural doll collection will provide our young doll collectors with the tools necessary to learn what multiculturalism is all about.

Multicultural dolls currently in demand include but are not limited to the following dolls:

  • African American
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hispanic
  • Japanese
  • Native American
  • Russian

In the past doll collecting was thought of as being something that adolescent girls did, while today adults are collecting dolls in growing numbers and not just the fairer sex but men are also getting involved. Multicultural doll collections are teaching adult collectors about the people of different nationalities that they confront in the business world daily.

Collectible dolls from Russia, China, and Japan can not only be found wearing costumes of today but of the past. Many of the Russian dolls available today represent Russian history and culture. Bobblehead dolls date back to ancient Japan and China where they were made of flexible bamboo strips. The dolls of China and Japan make exquisite gifts such as the Geisha, Samurai warrior, and Emperor dolls of Japan in their ornate costumes. Chinese dolls depict many aspects of the Chinese life, its literary characters, royalty of various dynasties, and their life events.

Native American dolls represent early American history during the early days of our country. These dolls represent tribal life, with their bright, vibrant, and colorful clothing that reflects the life that each tribe depicts. They are dressed in buckskin with brilliant beadwork and fringe. Indian bride dolls are adorned with a myriad of color, texture, beauty, and jewelry. Young collectors must be very careful when handling these dolls so that they won’t lose any of the small accessories attached to their costumes

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