Making Your Greenhouse a Homely Green Haven

We spend so much time in our greenhouses yet overlook the potential to personalise the space but a greenhouse with a bespoke touch can enhance your hobby further and even add to the aesthetics of a garden.

Of course work in a greenhouse is usually focused on production and results as it’s the return on our investment in time that urges many of us to return again and again. Those who have embraced the greenhouse as a place to relax as well as work find that productivity increases and even on the darkest days the greenhouse still calls from the cold.

Nature for Nurture

A permanent greenhouse can become part of the family as it is an escape to empty the mind, a provider of delicious produce and a place that nurtures nature in all its glory. There are some perennial additions you can add to make your greenhouse work throughout the winter too.

These include: central air conditioning system

Grape Vines

Although some grape vines will grow easily outdoors, the greenhouse can produce the plumpest fruit as the glass shelters from the elements while the grapes ripen early drenched from the sun. To incorporate a vine into your greenhouse, consider planting directly into the ground, or even planting outside and leading the vines inside. This ensures that the vine needs little mulching and water is never in short supply, in fact the most famous vines commended by the Royal Horticultural Society recommend this method.

Your greenhouse should be quite large to accommodate, however vines can easily be trained across the ceiling or against a back wall so the rest of your produce doesn’t suffer at all.

Fruit Trees

Exotic fruit trees are undoubtedly a treat for the greenhouse gardener as succulent sun ripened fruit such as peaches, kiwis, melons and citrus suddenly become available when they weren’t attainable before.

Nothing tastes better than picking a juicy ripe peach in a greenhouse at the start of the summer; however watch for wasps as you take a bite as they love the nectar as much as we do!

All of these trees can be trained flat against a far wall, preferably south facing, this ensures they receive full sun while other plants can stand easily in front of the glass. Once trained, a fruit tree in a greenhouse can almost be forgotten about as it becomes part of the structure, blending with the pots and propagation tools, as if it provides the frame for the greenhouse itself.

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